Makeup Addiction • Ultimate Eye Set

On my Instagram i often get asked about the brushes i use to achieve my looks.

I really like to switch products and try new things to see what works best for me, but there are things that I always tend to reach for and there are four brushes that I basically use every single time and that are part of this set.

sparkleoflight makeupaddiction ultimate eye set review makeup addiction

This is the Ultimate Eye Set by Makeup Addiction Cosmetics and is composed by twelve pieces, some made of synthetic fibers an some made of natural hair. Let’s take a closer look!

sparkleoflight ultimate eye set brush set eyeliner crease lid blending precise brows brushes set review recensione

  • Duo Fibre Blender – Described as a “soft domed tapered blending brush designed for sweeping colour back & forth for a well diffused effect”. It’s a very nice brush for a diffused and soft blending.
  • Smudge – Described as a “short rounded brush very effective for creating a smokey effect by smudging shadow or liner on the upper & lower lash line”. This is one of my favorites! Love this to apply and blend the eyeshadow on the lower lashline to obtain a very nice “grungy” effect. I also use it to smudge and diffuse creamy khols or to apply wet pigments on the lid.

sparkleoflight ultimate eye set brush set eyeliner crease duo fibre blender brush smudge makeup addiction

  • Large Shader – Described as a “soft but firm bristles perfect for applying eyeshadow swiftly and evenly onto the lid”. This is another favorite! I use this to apply eyeshadow, concealer and powder to set the under-eye concealer. Continue reading

MAC • Select Cover Up Concealer • Review

I already talked about MAC‘s very famous Pro Longwear Concealer here and now it’s the Select Cover Up Concealer‘s turn.

sparkleoflight mac select cover up concealer liquid spots nc20 swatches swatch review correttore

Here’s how it’s described on the official website:

“A liquid camouflage-like formula that brightens dark areas, erases spots and evens skin tone. Use anywhere on face or body as liquid camouflage for the skin. Delivers medium coverage and a matte finish that is texture-free and virtually invisible“.

sparkleoflight mac select cover up concealer liquid spots blemishes nc20 swatches swatch review tube

The Select Cover Up concealer has almost a watery consistency and a light to medium coverage. Even though I would love to have in my kit a product with an high coverage and a skin-like effect, I woudn’t really consider this product a “liquid camouflage-like formula”.

sparkleoflight mac select cover up concealer liquid spots nc20 swatches swatch review conceal

It doesn’t dry out quickly, but tends to get a bit tacky, so my recommendation is to place it on the skin, blend it and set it quickly. I like to use it after my foundation, because it isn’t consistent enough to stay exactly in place under the foundation. BUT, if used in a proper way, it does look lovely on the skin.


For what i experienced with it, this concealer doesn’t work at all as an undereye brightener or corrector.

It works best on little blemishes, so, if you need to cover or brighten tiny areas, it does a very good job.


sparkleoflight mac select cover up undereyes redness spots concealer liquid  nc 20 swatches shades

I got it in the lightest shade with a warm undertone, NC20. It may  Continue reading

Makeup Addiction • Beauty by JJ Brush Set

Some days ago i talked about the Makeup Addiction Flaming Love Palette here and the new False Lashes and Tweezers here.

Now I want to continue with a brush set that I’ve been trying for a while, the Beauty by JJ Brush Set.

sparkleoflight beautybyjj brush set review jenny jenkins precision powder blush master stippler tapered blender small contour pencil classic shader angled brow

This brush collection is made in collaboration with YouTuber Jennie Jenkins and is composed by eight pieces: four face brushes and four eye brushes.

sparkleoflight makeup addiction beautybyjj beauty by jj brush set face eyes packaging

Face Brushes

sparkleoflight makeup addiction beauty by jj brush set face eyes  master stippler small contour blush precision powder

  • Precision Powder – Described as a “multipurpose dome shaped brush designed to precisely apply your powder, bronzer, contour and highlight”. Bristles are soft and not too dense. I love to use this to dust the powder. I also use it to softly apply my blush.
  • Blush – Described as a brush with “a rounded shaped arrangement of the bristles for a perfect cheeck application”. It’s a great brush to apply bronzer and blush.
  • Master Stippler – Described as a “dense and rounded duo fibre brush, ideal for applying liquid and cream products. It provides a full coverage and well blended effect”.  I use this one to apply my Double Wear foundation, it applies it in a more sheer and natural way.
  • Small Contour –  Described as a “a dense and rounded brush perfect for applying a chiselled contour with powder products and blending it in. It can also be used to apply bronzer and blush. Love this to enhance my cheeckbones.

sparkleoflight makeup addiction beauty by jj brush set face master stippler small contour blush precision powder

They’re four Continue reading