Out Now! • Makeup Addiction Holy Glow Palette Vol.1 and Meadow Eyeshadow Palette

Exciting news for the Makeup Addiction lovers! The brand has released and added to their line two new products: the Meadow Eyeshadow Palette and the highlighting Holy Glow Palette Vol. 1.

Full reviews are coming soon, but, in the meantime, let’s take a look!

Meadow Palette

Here’s how it’s described on their official website:

The ‘Meadow’ Eyeshadow Palette consists of 8 highly pigmented shadows, that range from cool to warm tones including bold metallic colours which compliment each other. Each shadow weighs 3.5g.



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Shades:sparkleoflight meadow palette makeup addiction shadows eyeshadows shades description shade preview

  • Sandstone– Metallic peachy beige, think bubbly.
  • Sweet Peach – Matte medium peach beige, think yummy peaches.
  • Dusk – Matte dark burnt orange, think terracotta.
  • Slate Green– Metallic duo chrome green with blue/brown, think slate.
  • Bronzed Leaf– Metallic bronze, think egyptian goddess.
  • Pink Blossom – Metallic peachy pink, think romance.
  • Poison Ivy– Metallic moss green, think nature.
  • Crushed Blueberry – Matte dark teal blue, think mysterious sky.

Holy Glow Palette Vol.1

Here’s how it’s described on their official website:

The Holy Glow Vol 1 Highlighter Palette is a collection of 4 highly pigmented shades for a true glow that will suit all skin tones. Use a light hand with our highlighting brushes. Layer for a multidimensional glow or use alone on all areas of the face or body. CRUELTY FREE. PARABEN FREE. 3.5g.


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sparkleoflight makeupaddiction makeup addiction holy glow palette vol 1 volume preview white diamond pink champagne golden beam sun kissed

  • White diamond– A silver reflective diamond white
  • Pink champagne – A pearlescent pink with gold
  • Golden beam– A light reflecting gold with white sheen
  • Sun kissed– A radiant metallic champagne

All the shades, color selection and packaging look lovely. Can’t wait to get my hands on them! They never disappoint with their products. Their eyeshadow palettes are phenomenal and stables in my kit! For more:



Come check me out on Instagram at @sparkleoflight 🙂



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