DLB Cosmetics Glitters • Review

A few weeks ago I got the chance to try something new, two pressed glitters from DLB Cosmetics.

DLB cosmetics manufactures large pressed glitter eyeshadow compacts in many unique and desirable colors. These pressed glitter eyeshadows are made with 100% all natural vegan ingredients which include isopropyl alcohol, vegetable glycerin, aloe vera, and shea butter. The one of a kind formula that all DLB cosmetics consist of allows the vibrantly pigmented pressed glitter eyeshadow to be applied smoothly and seamlessly, making the use of any additional glitter adhesives unnecessary. For best results, we recommend you apply your pressed glitter eyeshadow with a small firm makeup brush. A free gift is included with every purchase.


I received this sample and a little gift (always included in every purchase).


DLB Cosmetics offers 22 different individual colors to choose from, ranging from greens to pinks and from neutrals to basically any color you may need. They also created 2 multicolor shades (limited editions).


I tested it for quite a while now, as you can see.

The pressed glitters I got are in the shades Deep Sea (the blue one) and Flamingo (the pink one that I absolutely adore). The double pan I’m showing in the pictures is only a sample, but each compact comes only in a large pan of 36 mm and a clear lid.


I love the fact that you don’t have to use a glitter glue, because it has a creamy texture that allows the glitters to adhere to the skin, without having to worry about the fall out.

Here’s a look I created for my Instagram page that features Deep Sea on the bottom lash line (other looks with them are coming soon) :


The pigmentation is actually pretty nice, because the product is not a classic eyeshadow or a loose glitter. Is definitely something in between, something very interesting for me.


What I also appreciate about this company is that their cosmetics are cruelty free and that each pressed glitter eyeshadow is handmade with all natural, vegan and organic ingredients.

Price and Availability


Each individual pressed glitter can be purchased here on their official website for $10.00. For a limited time you can also purchase the multicolor glitter eyeshadows for $15.00

You can find the brand on Instagram @DLBcosmetics for further video swatches and info.



Come check me out on Instagram at @sparkleoflight 🙂



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