Review! • Holy Glow Vol. 2 Palette by Makeup Addiction

Back in September I talked about a very interesting highlighter palette, the Holy Glow Vol.1 by a brand that I really admire and happily support, Makeup Addiction Cosmetics.

Now it’s time for me to talk about the Vol. 2!


Here’s how it’s described on their official website:

“The Holy Glow Vol 2 Highlighter Palette is a collection of 4 highly pigmented shades for a true glow that will suit all skin tones. Use a light hand with our highlighting brushes. Layer for a multidimensional glow or use alone on all areas of the face or body”.


Palette Composition

  • Pink Flamingo – Described as an “iridescent reflective pink duochrome”, Pink Flamingo is an amazing duochrome shade! It’s a light pink with a soft lilac sheen.
  • Champagne Fizz – Described as a “soft peachy champagne”, Champagne Fizz is a classic pink/peachy highlighter. Love to layer this one on top of the blush.
  • Mermaid Mist – Described as a “light reflecting white with green sheen”, Mermaid Mist is for me the most exciting shade on the palette with Pink Flamingo. It has a pearl white base with a mint green sheen. So lovely .
  • Sunset Bronze – Described as a “luminous golden bronze”, Sunset Bronze has an outstanding pigmentation and is a very luminous bronze, perfect for the deeper skin tones.




L-R: Champagne Fizz, Pink Flamingo, Mermaid Mist and Sunset Bronze (sunlight).


L-R: Pink Flaming, Champagne Fizz, Mermaid Mist and Sunset Bronze (low artifical light, low the way the shades gleam!).



As the Vol. 1, the Holy Glow Vol 2 has a slim and decorated cardboard palette with a magnetic closure that secures the highlighters inside. It’s lightweight and doesn’t take room. You can take out the shades and put them, if you want, in a magnetic palette.


Personal Considerations


Can’t recommend these palettes enough! I literally loved the Holy Glow Vol.1, because the pigmentation is actually insane and all the shades have an amazing (almost creamy) texture. The Holy Glow Vol. 2 is definitely no less so! It has the same texture and it’s as pigmented as the first one. The thing that I adore the most about the Holy Glow Vol. 2 Palette is the colour selection and the way the highlighters gleam, so beautiful. The palette is obviously very versatile, for example I also use it as an eyeshadow palette.

Well done, Makeup Addiction!

Price and Availability


You can get the palette here for £21.00.


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