House of Lashes • The Mini Collection + Lash Adhesives Review

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What I love about House of Lashes is not only the amazing quality of their lashes or the variety of styles they offer, but also the fact that they do really care about their customer satisfaction.

They decided to create a line, called the Mini Collection, featuring some of their most famous and iconic styles. It is dedicated to those who want to go for a more natural look for day wear and/or for those who need a smaller lash for a perfect fit and wear.

Here’s how the Mini Collection is described on their official website:

“Your favorite lashes have been miniaturized! Our Iconic®, Boudoir, Sirenand Wispy lashes have been scaled down by shortening the lash band and lash length to create a more comfortable fit for those with smaller eyes or for those who want a more natural look and feel from some of their favorite lashes! Each lash is structured like the original so you can get the same drama from your lashes while increasing the ease of daily wear“.


One of the most famous HOL lash styles is definitely Iconic, described as showstopping lash that combines a dynamic V-formation effect with a criss-cross pattern.

“Our Iconic Mini’s are structured like the originals with the same dynamic v-formation and crisscross pattern that gives these lashes their flair that now feature shorter lashes for ease of daily wear”.

As you can see in the picture below, there’s an evident diffence, in terms of drama and dimensions, between the original Iconic lashes and the Iconic Mini.

The Iconic Mini are shorter and obviously result less dramatic, compared to the original ones, but the “wow” effect is guaranteed .

sparkleoflight mini collection house of lashes review iconic false lashes fake falsies hol comparison review

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