Out Now! • Bedazzled Holiday Collection by Makeup Addiction • Holiday 2016

On the 9th of December Makeup Addiction released an exciting collection for this festive season, the Bedazzled Holiday Collection!


The collection is composed by three pigments and two glitters:

  • Gold Rush is described as a “snow white with gold glitter. This iridescent duo chrome glitter pigment colour looks white in the jar but it has beautiful gold reflects when applied to the skin. The rich and almost foiled effect texture allow it to glide smoothly on the lid, especially when using a water based mixing medium”.


  • Antique Bronze is described as a “bronze metallic glitter. This iridescent glitter pigment colour shows the true definition of bronze”.sparkleoflight-makeup-addiction-bedazzled-collection-christmas-pigment-set-antique-bronze
  • Venetian Gold is described as a “duochrome green with gold reflect. This unique reflective duo chrome colour has a moss green and gold shift which transcends beautifully in the light”.


  • Coppertone is described as a “true shimmery copper. This colour certainly reminds us of a rich jewel toned copper. The rich texture allows it to glide smoothly on the lid, so no hustling with this one!”.


  • Gold Diamond is described as a “multidimensional gold. This multidimensional gold wears its name well. It is true diamond gold!”.

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Review! • Holy Glow Vol. 2 Palette by Makeup Addiction

Back in September I talked about a very interesting highlighter palette, the Holy Glow Vol.1 by a brand that I really admire and happily support, Makeup Addiction Cosmetics.

Now it’s time for me to talk about the Vol. 2!


Here’s how it’s described on their official website:

“The Holy Glow Vol 2 Highlighter Palette is a collection of 4 highly pigmented shades for a true glow that will suit all skin tones. Use a light hand with our highlighting brushes. Layer for a multidimensional glow or use alone on all areas of the face or body”.


Palette Composition

  • Pink Flamingo – Described as an “iridescent reflective pink duochrome”, Pink Flamingo is an amazing duochrome shade! It’s a light pink with a soft lilac sheen.
  • Champagne Fizz – Described as a “soft peachy champagne”, Champagne Fizz is a classic pink/peachy highlighter. Love to layer this one on top of the blush.
  • Mermaid Mist – Described as a “light reflecting white with green sheen”, Mermaid Mist is for me the most exciting shade on the palette with Pink Flamingo. It has a pearl white base with a mint green sheen. So lovely .
  • Sunset Bronze – Described as a “luminous golden bronze”, Sunset Bronze has an outstanding pigmentation and is a very luminous bronze, perfect for the deeper skin tones.




L-R: Champagne Fizz, Pink Flamingo, Mermaid Mist and Sunset Bronze (sunlight).

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Holy Glow Vol.1 Highlighter Palette Review • Makeup Addiction

I recently talked about some new Makeup Addiction Releases like the Meadow Palette and the Light Reflecting Loose Powder in Turkish Delight. Another newly released product is the Holy Glow Vol.1 Highlighter Palette.

sparkleoflight makeup addiction holy glow volume 1 vol palette highlighter

Here’s how it’s described on the official website:

“The Holy Glow Vol 1 Highlighter Palette is a collection of 4 highly pigmented shades for a true glow that will suit all skin tones. Use a light hand with our highlighting brushes. Layer for a multidimensional glow or use alone on all areas of the face or body.”

sparkleoflight makeup addiction holy glow volume 1 vol palette highlighter shades

Palette Composition

  • White Diamond – Described as a “silver reflective diamond white“, White Diamond is a cool white highlighter that resembles the shine of a pearl. Love this one, since my skin is light and it’s an amazing inner corner highlight .
  • Pink Champagne – Described as a “pearlescent pink with gold“, Pink Champagne is almost a coral highlighter with hints on pink and gold. On deeper skin tones it looks amazing, I use it where the highlighter meets my blush to create a very subtle transition and I personally love it as an eyeshadow too.
  • Golden Beam – Described as a “light reflecting gold with white sheen”, Golden Beam is a light gold highlighter, that I like to place under white diamond to create a more dimensional effect.
  • Sun Kissed – Described as a “radiant metallic champagne“, Sun Kissed is a lovely champagne color. It looks awesome on a warm bronzed look paired with Golden Beam.

sparkleoflight makeup addiction holy glow volume 1 vol palette highlighter highlighting shades


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Makeup Addiction • Glam Me Up Eye Brush Set • Review

If you’re into makeup and into Instagram, you probably heard of a famous brand called Makeup Addiction (previously known as Hair and Makeup Addiction).

They are specialized in brushes, selling both sets and individual pieces. With all the success they reached, the brand recently decided to revamp their website and collections.

I got the chance to try their new Glam Me Up eye brush set and, since I’ve been using them everyday since i got them, i decided to share my experience with you.

sparkleoflight makeupaddiction glam me up brush set 1 review

How is this set composed?sparkleoflight makeupaddiction glam me up eye set hair and makeup make up addiction brush set review

The Glam Me Up brush set is composed by eight pieces. It’s a basic set that contains everything you may need to obtain any eye makeup look and more.sparkleoflight makeupaddiction glam me up eye set brushes angled brow precise eyeliner large concealer brush set reviewThese three brushes are meant to be Continue reading