Out Now! • Bedazzled Holiday Collection by Makeup Addiction • Holiday 2016

On the 9th of December Makeup Addiction released an exciting collection for this festive season, the Bedazzled Holiday Collection!


The collection is composed by three pigments and two glitters:

  • Gold Rush is described as a “snow white with gold glitter. This iridescent duo chrome glitter pigment colour looks white in the jar but it has beautiful gold reflects when applied to the skin. The rich and almost foiled effect texture allow it to glide smoothly on the lid, especially when using a water based mixing medium”.


  • Antique Bronze is described as a “bronze metallic glitter. This iridescent glitter pigment colour shows the true definition of bronze”.sparkleoflight-makeup-addiction-bedazzled-collection-christmas-pigment-set-antique-bronze
  • Venetian Gold is described as a “duochrome green with gold reflect. This unique reflective duo chrome colour has a moss green and gold shift which transcends beautifully in the light”.


  • Coppertone is described as a “true shimmery copper. This colour certainly reminds us of a rich jewel toned copper. The rich texture allows it to glide smoothly on the lid, so no hustling with this one!”.


  • Gold Diamond is described as a “multidimensional gold. This multidimensional gold wears its name well. It is true diamond gold!”.

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Makeup Addiction • Vintage Palette • Review

Some time ago I published a post on this blog about a product I tend to reach for almost every time i do my makeup, the Flaming Love Palette by Makeup Addiction. I got the chance to try their latest release, the Vintage Palette, and, after some time of testing, I’m finally managing to talk about it. I really wanted to do this a bit earlier, but so many things happened and i couldn’t.

sparkleoflight makeup addiction vintage palette review custard cream refills magnetic dirty brown amber cocoa lace persian rose cranberry crush velvet bronze moon berry zoom shades


So, as the Flaming Love, the Vintage Palette contains eight individual eyeshadows with finishes ranging from matte to metallic to sparkly/glittery.

sparkleoflight makeup addiction vintage palette review

As described on their official website, the palette contains “a range of neutral warm earthy tones and metallic colours which compliment each other“.

sparkleoflight makeup addiction vintage palette eyeshadow review

Shades & Swatches

All the eyeshadows have a good pigmentation, some of them an outstanding one, and perform very well in terms of resistance and saturation.

sparkleoflight makeup addiction vintage palette review custard cream refills magnetic dirty brown amber cocoa lace persian rose cranberry crush velvet bronze moon berry

Matte Finish

These three shades have a lovely matte finish and a creamy/velvety texture. The pigmentation of this ones is great and they provide a lovely base to work with. They also compensate well the metallic and “glittery” shades.

sparkleoflight makeup addiction vintage palette review swatches custard cream dirty brown amber

  • Custard Cream – It’s described as a “matte soft creamy beige, think yummy custard desert”. I usually dust this all over the eyes to help with the blending or on the brow bone and inner corner for a soft highlight.
  • Dirty Brown – It’s described as a “matte yellow based brown, think camel“. This shade has a lovely yellow undertone, but somehow it manages to result cold undertoned, if used with cold shades, and warm undertoned, when used with warm shades, so it’s definitely very versatile. It’s perfect to define the crease and give dimension to the eyes or all over the lid and crease for a 90’s inspired look. It’s very, very similar to MAC‘s now discontinued  Uninterrupted Pro Longwear eyeshadow. I believe that it’s definitely dupe and there’s actually no difference in the results! Love this! Amazing shade!
  • Amber – It’s described as a “matte yellow orange, think sunset”. This is my favorite matte shade. I’m obsessed with orange shades on the crease. Obsessed. I mix this one with the warm matte shades (Flaming Kisses, Brownie and Savannah Desert) from the Flaming Love Palette to create a lovely warm gradient on the crease. So, as i may have hinted, this is definitely my favorite matte shade from the palette. When I opened the Vintage Palette for the first time, i immediately fell in love.

“Creamy Metallic” Shades

These three eyeshadows have a unique consistency, because, as i said for the matte shades, they’re creamy, but, instead of having a matte finish, they’re extremely shimmery/metallic.

sparkleoflight makeup addiction vintage palette review persian rose creanberry crush velvet bronze swatches

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Makeup Addiction • Pigments • Review and Swatches

As you may remember, i already talked about Makeup Addiction here and i’m now very happy to review you their new line of Pigments.

sparkleoflight makeup addiction cosmetics pigments review swatches inkjet silver lights french manicure valentine purest geisha ex boyfriend peacock

Here’s how the Pigments are described on Makeup Addiction’s website:

All of our pigments are finely milled and highly pigmented. They are all-cruelty free and are never tested on animals. These pigments are talc and paraben free.
Build up your collection with a variety of beautiful pigmented shimmery, iridescent and duo chrome shades“.

Shades and Swatches

sparkleoflight makeup addiction cosmetics pigment review swatches million dollar geisha blueberry crumble ex boyfriend 2

The line is composed by twelve colorful shades. I swatched them all and tried at the same time, to do some color combinations (that’s basically how i like to pair them 🙂 ). As a personal initiative, i even gave each color combination a name.

Color Combination I: Arctic

sparkleoflight makeup addiction cosmetics pigments review swatches marbled smoke inkjet purest

L-R: Silver Lights, Inkjet, Purest (No Flash)

sparkleoflight makeup addiction cosmetics pigments review swatches marbled smoke inkjet purest flash

L-R: Silver Lights, Inkjet and Purest (Flash)

Silver Lights: described as a “true silver black“, is a very metallic gunmetal shade. I usually pair this with Purest in the inner corner, a neutral brown on the crease Continue reading