House of Lashes • Knockout Lashes • Review

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and House of Lashes came out with a new lash style called Knockout to raise awareness on this disease.


“Knockout your next makeup look with House of Lashes NEW Knockout lashes! During the month of October, House of Lashes is teaming up with Keep a Breast to KNOCKOUT Breast Cancer! With the purchase of every Knockout lash, House of Lashes will donate $1 to the Keep a Breast Foundation.
Full density with medium volume, these false lashes have a rounded tapered style that are stacked & multi dimensional. The perfect way to K.O. your makeup look giving off the appearance of rounded and gorgeous eyes sure to defeat whatever the day or night might bring you! Varied lengths across this lash provide a dense yet natural appearance making these lashes easy to transition from day to night!

Hand made from 100% cruelty-free synthetic hair.



The Knockout lashes are part of one the permanent lines, the Premium Luxe.


They provide medium length and volume. The lash band isn’t clear, but still very flexible and the lashes feel very lightweight throughout the wear.


I really like their versatility, because you can either go for a natural look or a more night appropriate one with them, depending from how natural or dramatic you go for with your make up. Continue reading


Model 21 Lashes # 6, # 08 and # 19 Lashes • Review

Some time ago I got the chance to try some lashes by Canadian brand Model 21 Lashes.

sparkleoflight model 21 lashes false makeup artist kit pack multi compact 19 08 6  review canada model21

I tried three different styles, the #6, #08 and #19 lashes.

Each pack of lashes contains 10 pairs, thing that I think is very convenient for users, especially professionals.


The #6 lashes can almost be considered corner lashes. They’re long (especially in the end) volumizing and provide a nice elongation to the eyes. They’re short compared to my lashline.

sparkleoflight model 21 lashes makeup artist kit pack multi compact  6   review canada false

The glue excess is easily removable.

The #6 lashes have a nice criss cross pattern and are lightweight.

I recommend these corner lashes to people with medium/long lashes, because the transition from real to fake would otherwise be too evident; however, I like to use individual false lashes to help them blend in better.

sparkleoflight model 21 lashes makeup artist kit pack multi compact back 08 corner  review canada

Out of all Continue reading

Holy Glow Vol.1 Highlighter Palette Review • Makeup Addiction

I recently talked about some new Makeup Addiction Releases like the Meadow Palette and the Light Reflecting Loose Powder in Turkish Delight. Another newly released product is the Holy Glow Vol.1 Highlighter Palette.

sparkleoflight makeup addiction holy glow volume 1 vol palette highlighter

Here’s how it’s described on the official website:

“The Holy Glow Vol 1 Highlighter Palette is a collection of 4 highly pigmented shades for a true glow that will suit all skin tones. Use a light hand with our highlighting brushes. Layer for a multidimensional glow or use alone on all areas of the face or body.”

sparkleoflight makeup addiction holy glow volume 1 vol palette highlighter shades

Palette Composition

  • White Diamond – Described as a “silver reflective diamond white“, White Diamond is a cool white highlighter that resembles the shine of a pearl. Love this one, since my skin is light and it’s an amazing inner corner highlight .
  • Pink Champagne – Described as a “pearlescent pink with gold“, Pink Champagne is almost a coral highlighter with hints on pink and gold. On deeper skin tones it looks amazing, I use it where the highlighter meets my blush to create a very subtle transition and I personally love it as an eyeshadow too.
  • Golden Beam – Described as a “light reflecting gold with white sheen”, Golden Beam is a light gold highlighter, that I like to place under white diamond to create a more dimensional effect.
  • Sun Kissed – Described as a “radiant metallic champagne“, Sun Kissed is a lovely champagne color. It looks awesome on a warm bronzed look paired with Golden Beam.

sparkleoflight makeup addiction holy glow volume 1 vol palette highlighter highlighting shades


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Light Reflecting Loose Powder in Turkish Delight Review • Makeup Addiction

The newest addiction to the Loose Reflecting Loose Powder line from Makeup Addiction is this beautiful shade called Turkish Delight.

sparkleoflight makeup addiction light reflecting loose powder turkish delight pink champagne gold rose packaging

Here’s how it’s described on their official website:

“What is it all about? This peachy rose gold hued highlighter will provide you with the true definition of a beautiful glow! Accentuate your face’s favourite features by placing the product where you would like the light to bounce from your face. Dust powder lightly with our Multitasker brush on top of your shoulders and cleavage to accentuate them. Makeup Addiction tipUse with our Multitasker brush About Makeup Addiction Pigments This perfect blend of light reflecting pigments are perfect for strobing and achieving a luminous sheen.
They can be used on the face or body. They are all cruelty-free and are never tested on animals.
These pigments are Talc and paraben free. Pigment weight is 12G/ 0.42 oz.”

sparkleoflight makeup addiction  light reflecting loose powder turkish delight pink champagne gold rose duochrome

When the original line was released, they immediately caught my attention. I literally fell in love with all shades, especially Mermaid Beam (love at first sight!) and when I got Turkish Delight I had the chance to actually feel and play with the amazing consistency this highlighter has and it’s jawdropping. And this rose gold is gorgeous, seriously.

It has a very fine consistency and it’s extremely pigmented.

sparkleoflight light reflecting loose powder turkish delight pink champagne gold rose Continue reading

House of Lashes • The Mini Collection + Lash Adhesives Review

sparkleoflight mini collection house of lashes review iconic iconics boudoir siren wispy hol false fake

What I love about House of Lashes is not only the amazing quality of their lashes or the variety of styles they offer, but also the fact that they do really care about their customer satisfaction.

They decided to create a line, called the Mini Collection, featuring some of their most famous and iconic styles. It is dedicated to those who want to go for a more natural look for day wear and/or for those who need a smaller lash for a perfect fit and wear.

Here’s how the Mini Collection is described on their official website:

“Your favorite lashes have been miniaturized! Our Iconic®, Boudoir, Sirenand Wispy lashes have been scaled down by shortening the lash band and lash length to create a more comfortable fit for those with smaller eyes or for those who want a more natural look and feel from some of their favorite lashes! Each lash is structured like the original so you can get the same drama from your lashes while increasing the ease of daily wear“.


One of the most famous HOL lash styles is definitely Iconic, described as showstopping lash that combines a dynamic V-formation effect with a criss-cross pattern.

“Our Iconic Mini’s are structured like the originals with the same dynamic v-formation and crisscross pattern that gives these lashes their flair that now feature shorter lashes for ease of daily wear”.

As you can see in the picture below, there’s an evident diffence, in terms of drama and dimensions, between the original Iconic lashes and the Iconic Mini.

The Iconic Mini are shorter and obviously result less dramatic, compared to the original ones, but the “wow” effect is guaranteed .

sparkleoflight mini collection house of lashes review iconic false lashes fake falsies hol comparison review

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Makeup Addiction • Meadow Palette • Review

As you may know, I’m a palette junkie and, speaking of palettes, one of my favorite brand is Makeup Addiction, because I literally and genuinely love their products, especially their palettes.

As I wrote in the Flaming Love Palette article and in the Vintage Palette one , I can definitely tell when I like something, because I start using it on repeat.

And this happened with the Meadow Palette.

sparkleoflight makeup addiction meadow palette eyeshadow review

Here’s how the palette is described on the official Makeup Addiction website:

“The ‘Meadow’ Eyeshadow Palette consists of 8 highly pigmented shadows, that range from cool to warm tones including bold metallic colours which compliment each other”.

Palette Composition and Shades

The palette is composed by eight eyeshadows that I personally like to consider pressed pigments.

sparkleoflight makeup addiction meadow palette eyeshadow reviews eye sandstone sweet peach dusk slate green bronzed leaf pink blossom poison ivy crushed blueberry

Three are matte, while the other ones have a metallic finish. One of the metallic shades has a duo chrome effect.sparkleoflight makeup addiction meadow palette eyeshadow reviews swatches sandstone sweet peach dusk slate green

  • Sandstone – Described as a “metallic peachy beige, think bubbly“, Sandstone is a great highlighting shade. It has a very nice champagne sheen.
  • Sweet Peach – Described as a “matte medium peach beige, think yummy peaches“, Sweet Peach is the perfect warm transition shade. I even used it as a peachy blush recently.
  • Dusk – Described as a “matte dark burnt orange, think terracotta“, Dusk is definitely my favorite reddish matte and blends like a dream.
  • Slate Green – Described as a “metallic duo chrome green with blue/brown, think slate“, Slate Green is a very particular blue/green metallic shade with a duochrome effect.

sparkleoflight makeup addiction meadow palette eyeshadow revieweye swatches bronzed leaf pink blossom poison ivy crushed blueberry

  • Bronzed Leaf – Described as a “metallic bronze, think egyptian goddess“, Bronzed Leaf is a warm medium bronzed gold. The pigmentation and creaminess of this shade is insane, literally insane!
  • Pink Blossom – Described as a “metallic peachy pink, think romance“, Pink Blossom is a cool bubblegum pink with a metallic finish. Love to pair this one with Sweet Peach and Sandstone for a romantic look.
  • Poison Ivy – Described as a “metallic moss green, think nature“, Poison Ivy is a medium rich olive green, almost a dupe for MAC’s Humid, but way more pigmented.
  • Crushed Blueberry – Described as a “matte dark teal blue, think mysterious sky“, Crushed Blueberry is a matte teal blue. I have a lot of matte blue shades, but the majority of the them applies patchy and sheer. This one doesn’t have this kind of problems at all. It’s very versatile. Some days ago I mixed it with a dark grey and I applied Slate Green on the lid. Amazing combo!

As you can see, this Continue reading

MAC 135 Large Flat Powder Brush • Review

The 135 Large Flat Powder Brush by MAC is described as “an ultra-soft and smooth brush in a large double chiseled shape made of natural fibres. Because of its slightly flat paddle shape and silky bristles, this brush is best used for sheer washes of powder all over the face”.

sparkleoflight mac 135 brush face large flat powder 217 bronze review

Well, a few months ago I was looking for a fluffy and reasonably large face brush for bronzing to warm up the skin. I came across this brush on Instagram and on YouTube, and I decided to give it a go. Everyone was literally raving about it and I now I totally get why.

sparkleoflight mac 135 brush face large flat powder

First of all, this very large brush has a curious “flat” side, that what it sets this apart from otherface brushes.

sparkleoflight mac 135 brush face large flat powder side view

My face structure isn’t that big, but not exactly the tiniest, and,when I say that this is very large I actually mean it, because it’s larger than what I expected and at first i thought it was too big for my face.

Take a look at the comparison with my 217:

sparkleoflight mac 135 brush face large flat powder big bristels fibers natural

sparkleoflight mac 135 brush face large flat powder 217

So, the first time I used it I Continue reading